A Teacher’s Take: Why start a blog?

Hey Everyone,

My name is Damian and I’m a teacher. I became a teacher to help people. Pure and simple. Now why have I created a blog? My desire to help people goes beyond the classroom. Firstly, I’d like to say that I hate preaching to people. I love listening and sharing. That is the purpose of my blog. It is to listen to how you live your life and to share my own experiences! It is only by discussing our experiences that we can learn from each other and grow as individuals.

So to get started on the sharing I’ll delve a little deeper into my reason for this blog. For the past three years I’ve been working as an ESL teacher (English as a Second Language). Now students who already speak English know to call a teacher either by their name – ‘Mr. insert name’ or ‘sir.’ But for some reason ESL students can never remember to call a teacher ‘sir.’ They can call you by your name but not ‘sir.’ Instead they will just call you ‘mister.’ As a result, I used to teach this one girl who always called me ‘mister mister’ and just the thought of it made me smile. For some teachers it would bother them but I honestly didn’t mind. Some teachers tried to teach her to say ‘sir’ but it never worked. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely my goal to improve their English but sometimes you’ve just got to put it into perspective. Calling me ‘mister mister’ was clearly something that made her comfortable. It was something that she developed as a habit that helped her cope with the new world she had entered. I felt that if I tried to change that then she would lose her happiness and shy away from me.

It made me realize that we develop these habits as a coping mechanism. By repeatedly doing something and finding that consistent pattern with the smallest things, we are able to keep going forward in our lives and deal with any problems that we encounter. The absence of these habits makes us feel naked and nobody wants to feel naked! And you know what, that’s fine! People are always saying that variety and breaking those habits is the key to a happy life… I don’t completely agree with this. Granted it is nice to try new things, but it is also important that we keep ourselves happy and if developing a habit or routine is how we achieve this, then go for it.

My experience with this student has made me realize the connection between our behavior and happiness. Our behavior and choices we make dictates our happiness. Unfortunately happiness is not something that will naturally come to us. It is something that we need to create ourselves. That said, people can sometimes lose their way and not know how to return to their once happier self. This is where the blog comes in! If we can share our experiences and listen to each other then perhaps we can teach those who are struggling how to find happiness once again. That is my goal!

I will post blogs about experiences from my own life, but remember I am only one person. Through my blogs I hope that you can share your experiences with me and together we can guide people back to happiness. As a result, feel free to comment and discuss anything you want with me. By the way the blog is adaptable. As in any topic is OK to discuss! The blog is always here to listen to you! If your someone who needs to get something of their chest then share it! If your a teacher and you need help with your class/student then maybe I can help? If your a student and you can’t stand your teacher then tell me why! Teacher, student, accountant, lawyer, doctor, police officer, fireman, paramedic, nurse, cleaner, electrician, plumber, builder and so on it doesn’t matter! If you need help then share!

I hope your having a nice day!



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