A Teacher’s Take: FIVE Vital Steps we can Take to Achieve our Goals!

Anything worthwhile never comes easy.

This is something I tell myself all the time.

A goal is not something that just falls into your lap… its something that you have to work for. The question is …. how?

During the past couple years I’ve had to overcome professional and personal hurdles. I’ve felt stress, frustration and anxiety as a result of these hurdles, but no matter what I’ve had to remind myself that on the other side of this hurdle is something good. There is something so precious, that it is worth putting myself through all of this pain.

The question is – how do I push through this pain?

Allow me to fill you in with what I have learnt!

Perseverance = goal achieved.

Perseverance is the key to obtaining a goal. Without perseverance , the goal will never be realised. It reminds me of a quote by Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” In this quote, he is discussing how he failed so many times before actually inventing the light bulb. This man has taught us a lot about perseverance.

Now your probably wondering how do I persevere like Thomas Edison? Simple.

1. Set smaller goals 

Instead of making your long term goal a priority, try focusing on smaller goals instead. For example, if you doing a 10km run, don’t worry about running 10km. Just worry about running 1km and when you finish that, worry about the next one and then the next. The achievement of these smaller goals will give you that confidence boost to persevere.

2. Be more disciplined

Put restrictions on yourself. You can’t rely upon other people to drag you through those hard moments. It comes down to you. For example, if you normally start work at 8:30am, then why not get up earlier and start at 7:30am? Being more disciplined will help train you for those harder moments in the future.

3. Stop and think

Perseverance doesn’t mean you just keep blindly pushing yourself harder and harder. It means being smart. If you encounter an obstacle, then stop, analyze it and find a way around. This will stop you from making the same mistakes and again and allow you to persist along towards your goals.

4. Ask for help

No one is perfect. Even the most successful people in the world have sought help from someone else in their journey towards greatness. There will come a moment when we don’t know what to do. Getting help will relieve the stress felt and allow you to persevere.

5. Have a break

Yep I know your thinking it sounds bad, but another method that will help you persevere through the hard moments is knowing when to shut down the engines. This could be a little thing, like watching some tv or getting a coffee or just staring at the ceiling! Either way it will give your brain a chance to rest so that it can work better and harder later on.

Any of these techniques can help!

So instead of worrying so much about your goal, make your perseverance your main priority.

Learn how to persevere and I promise you will achieve your goals.


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