Millions of People = Millions of Ways to Feel Happy!

So this is going to be a short post.

Recently, I’ve reassessed how I’ve been looking at happiness. I’ve been looking at happiness in general terms, for example:

1. Exercise more

2. Talk to your friends

3. Set goals


Now don’t get me wrong these are great things and they do help people, but not everyone. I’ve come to realize that happiness is such a uniquely personal thing. Everyone is different. Everyone finds happiness in different and often the smallest ways.

Granted one person may find happiness though exercising more, but then again another person may find happiness by sitting down and simply eating an ice cream.

The bottom line is because happiness is personal and there are MILLIONS of people on the planet then doesn’t that mean there are MILLIONS of different ways to find happiness?

I want to try to explore these in my posts from now on!

Instead of giving broad general ideas about what makes us happy, I want to try to find the little things in people’s lives that make them happier.

It could be as small as wearing your favorite blue shirt!

If we share our own personal methods then, who knows, it may just help a person or two?

By all means leave a comment and tell me about the little thing in your life that makes you happy.

PS Isn’t the little guy in the football helmet a champion!?


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