Five reasons why WALKING can make you happier!

So I’ve recently decided to narrow down my study of happiness by focusing upon the little and realistic things that make us happier. In doing so, I hope that others can learn and hopefully find that happiness they are looking for. So here goes:

WALKING. Walking is something that people do quite often for the following reasons:

1. It’s Easy!

Yep. Walking is one of the easiest things a human can do. All it requires is two legs and the air in your lungs and then off you go! You don’t need to concern yourself with where to go or who to go with or if you have the right equipment. No! The ease that this action provides makes it stress free and relaxing.

2. Cheap!

Walking costs you nothing. There are many people out there who live on a budget and are constantly concerned with their finances. Walking is a cheap alternative and can alleviate their financial burdens.

3. It distracts you!

We all have busy lives that are filled with issues, problems and responsibilities. Such thoughts can weight heavily upon our mind. When you leave your house to go for a walk you see things that are different from your everyday life. Seeing these different features helps you, for the duration of your walk, to forget about your problems and reminds you that there is a wide world to be explored.

4. It’s good for your mood!

It has been proved that exercise, including walking, has the ability to release chemicals in your brain such as serotonin and endorphin, which can dramatically improve your mood. Walking a few times a weak can help people to reduce any depression or anxiety that they may be experiencing.

5. You can meet people!

I promise that if you go walking at a certain time, at night for example, then you WILL start to bump into other people. The more you start to see these people, the more likely you are to say hello and form some sort of connection with them. I wrote a blog awhile back about the importance of belonging to something. If you form a bond with these people you see during your walk then you will feel like you belong and then, in turn, less isolated and lonely.

So there you have it! Five reasons why walking can improve your happiness!

I hope this has helped some people and inspired them to take control of their happiness.




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