FOUR reasons why SINGING can make you happier!

I am not saying you need to join a choir or barbershop quartet!

I’m talking about how SINGING, whether your alone in the car or sitting in your room at home, can make you feel great!

Here are four reasons why something as simple as singing can make you feel happier:

1. You lose yourself!

For those 2-3 minutes, you are given the opportunity to forget everything, including who you are. By singing aloud you are transported into another world where you feel like a different person. For those brief moments your a rockstar and it feels great!

2. It helps you vent!

Sometimes we have all of our thoughts and troubles built up in our mind and we don’t know how to express them. Singing can be a way for us to release these thoughts in a constructive manner. All we need to do is replace the lyrics with our thoughts 😉 Ever tried that?

3. It builds relationships!

Ever been to karaoke? Singing is the perfect opportunity to invite people to sing along with you. There is bound to be someone in your social network who enjoys the same song as you! Singing this song together will bring you both closer together and forge an everlasting positive relationship.

4. It’s fun!

One of the best ways to regain your happiness is by having fun. Picking a song that is upbeat and fun will help lift your spirits! I recommend I’m So Excited by The Pointer Sisters.

Singing is another little thing that we can all use to help boost our happiness just that little bit extra!

So crank the Backstreet Boys right up and let it rip!



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